Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Watching the Storm

I had planned to walk my dog that evening, but I could see the front moving in ... F A S T! I'd noticed the dark clouds as I left the Y, but still hoped I would have time for a speedy trip around the neighborhood. No such luck.

I thought, I'd at least walk a hat that was forgotten at our house that afternoon four houses down. As I started down the driveway, a car pulled in. Hat delivered in about six steps.

Clearly, I wasn't supposed to walk. I looked again at the storm. It was absolutely incredible! It was close to dusk, but went from daylight to darkness in a matter of minutes. The dog still on his leash, we walked through the house and onto the back deck. From there, we could watch it coming.

The wind blew, the trees shook for a long time with no rain. The clouds fascinated me. I simply stood there, watching. Alternating shades of black and white, swirls of gray. Layer after layer of cloud passed by. Periodically, the sky lit up with distant lightning. Still I remained, experiencing the wind and the feeling in the air that proceeds a storm.

I was interrupted by a though: "GO GET YOUR CAMERA!" I'm sure it was a sight. Storm raging, (but still no rain!), and me, there, snapping pictures of the clouds!

I suppose it's no stranger than me sitting on the front porch with popcorn and an iced tea once the rain began! What a show!

Thank You, God for the storm.... and the safety I have experienced within it!

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