Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bragging on my Boy

It's now about three months since my son began karate instruction. At first, I think his motivation was to be with his friend who had started a few months before. Truth be known, that was one of the Moms'-conspiracy motivations as well. They tend to have boundary issues with each other. We knew the instructor would nip their in-each-others'-space thing in the bud.

Time passed, and he soon learned that he really liked karate. I watched him day after day, learning to focus, pay attention and "shine".

He has learned his kicks, blocks and punches, but more importantly, he has learned about self-discipline, respect and perseverance. He can still be a wiggly seven year old boy at times, but watching these character qualities develop in him has been a gift. He is thoroughly engaged during the class focusing both on his skills and learning life skills as well! Watching him walk out of class, after giving the instructor a high-five, and his assistant a big hug, standing a little taller and smiling a little broader, warms my heart.

He has worked very hard during class, and he has incorporated some of these Black belt qualities at home as well. This week, perseverance has paid off. He received his yellow belt.

I am very, very proud of my son. I am also very, very grateful to God that we found this particular school. Like so many other wonderful gifts in my life, it seemingly just "appeared".

Thank You, Thank You, God.... for my children, and the path that you have us on....

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