Saturday, June 13, 2009

Survey says....

I got "invited" to participate in a survey today. The phone rang, and for some reason I answered it. Even odder, I agreed to participate in her survey. The questions were entirely too long and too political to go into here.

I was amazed to realize how many times my answer to the question was not included on the list of choices. There is not one person or one organization or one "fix" to solve the issues facing our world today. It is not someone else's responsibility to fix all of my problems. I need to be responsible and accountable.

Many of my "problems" aren't problems at all.... they are situations challenging me to grow and trust and believe. Sometimes consequences or responses to my actions. Always an opportunity at my feet.

I must make decisions in my life based on consideration of the facts, and the consequences, add a ton of prayer and step out on faith. I must walk daily knowing that I have accountability to and responsibility for many people and things: My God, My kids and My Self begin the list.

I have been greatly blessed in my life: not in "Stuff" or quick fixes or my wildest dreams come true. My needs are met, my wants are insatiable. The greatest gifts I have been given: unfailing love, mercy, grace and a model for everyday life.

Thank You, God...

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