Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sun, Water, Kids, Rides and God

We had an awesome day. One that I'm sure we'll talk about for months and years to come. My friend and I drove our kids two states away to a WONDERFUL water park. (Don't let the "two states away" part get you - we drove through the skinny parts so it wasn't bad!)

It was definitely a God Day: the weather was perfect, four of our five admission tickets had been given to us. We saved $5 on the last ticket AND received $5 each family (toward a meal in the park) for donating canned items for the food bank.

The kids were all patient, the rides were AWESOME and everyone agreed that we had chosen well to spend the day there. We also decided that we need to turn it into a "Tradition".

At one point, the girls wanted to play in the wave pool, but my son wanted to play in a water-slide area. We adults split up, divided and conquered. I ended up at the water-slide area.

There were several slides and several places where water just dumped on our heads as we tried to navigate our way up the rope mesh netting ladders to get us to the top of the slides. At first my thoughts were "oh! this is COLD" and "OH! that was my HEAD!" But then - after my first trip down one of the slides - the grown-up had been replaced by a younger version of myself. We had a BLAST.

As the water-park was closing, my son asked me, "Mom, what was YOUR favorite part of the day?" I thought through each event. It certainly wasn't the fact that I ALWAYS seemed to end up facing backwards on the tube rides... always... It wasn't that I was able to "catch some air" on the mat race event... Those were both cool, but....

I looked him right in the eye and said "It was the Mom-and-boy time we had today." His face lit up as he said "MINE TOO!!"

Thank You, God for yet another opportunity to connect with my kids, for keeping us safe, for hours of laughter and memories for a lifetime!!

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