Friday, June 5, 2009

The Great Huntress

Our home has been blessed by one more living creature. A few weeks ago, "Cassie" (or "Cassie-cat" or even "Cassie-role") came to live with us.

It was adventure in adaptation to begin with. She was still drinking mostly from a bottle, and try as I might, she wouldn't eat solid food. Well, that changed the day she chewed through the bottle nipple. She has successfully weaned herself from milk to soft to dry food.

She has also successfully gained access to the lower level of our house -day and night- as she proves herself trustworthy in the litter-box department.

She is also proving to be a mighty huntress. "Mice" (the green in the picture), toes, squawking toy parrot, doesn't matter.... she's got the * POUNCE * down. Big, small, she doesn't care. She is fast like lightening, and *pow* gotcha... then she's off again!

I hope the real mice that occasionally try to claim their ancestral rights to the land on which my house sits will take note of her presence.

She has blessed our home and our hearts with her presence...

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