Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Touching Lives....

I was in the midst of a day of massage. Literally. I spent nearly seven hours giving chair massages. Fortunately, those hours were split into morning and evening sessions.

About half-way through the morning session, I had one of those humbling moments. I had been asked to return to a business. I had been there two years ago, after their particularly stressful move. I was working on one of the employees - who, two years ago, was hesitant (to say the least) about receiving massage therapy.

It was during that session that I realized what a gift I have been given. Touch is powerful "medicine". Whether it be a hug, a hand or a few minutes of massage. It changes lives... sometimes for the moment, sometimes the change is longer-lasting.

We have come to find ourselves in a world of "personal space". Often so much personal space that many, many people are touch-deprived. I have the privilege of being invited into the closeness of human contact - both in the world of nursing and in massage therapy. There are great moments to be found there. But, with it comes great responsibility: Acknowledgment of the trust placed in my hands, and respect for and acceptance of the person I am working with to name a few.

It is an honor. It is a gift. Of that I am certain. It does change lives. But, what most people don't realize.... it changes my life too...

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