Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Time and Perspective

I am so grateful for my friends who help me keep things in perspective.

I was being impatient. We were an hour behind schedule, and we were walking the dog. I have been trying to instill the rule about "fulfilling our responsibilities before we have our fun" Which meant, we had to walk the dog.

For me, it's sort of a reminiscent thing - after supper (or early in the morning) we'd walk around the block (or to the local coffee shop). My dad and the kids. We learned about "happy telephone poles" (the ones that hummed from the electrical transformers at their tops), and whatever bird was calling at the time.

Apparently, to my kids, it's torture. They often lessen the pain by riding bikes or scooters. But this day, my daughter had chosen to walk (with a Popsicle, since it was "SOOOOO hot"). My son had chosen to ride his bike - sort of. He expected me to push him up the hills...his legs hurt... "growing pains".

About a third of the way through the mile and a half circle, I was about out of my mind in frustration. It was taking FOREVER. It was like being in stop and go traffic - with no traffic. About the hundredth time my son stopped peddling to ask me, "Mom, do you want me to tell you about.....?" I wanted to scream "NOOOOOOO!!!" It was a rhetoric question. He'd press on describing the different "bosses" and "masks" and "swords" in his new love of a video game. He'd also start peddling again, so whatever words were coming out were lost ahead of me.

Just before I was sure *I* was going to burst out in a meltdown, I texted a friend: "Please remind me that "walking the dog as a family" has to do with "family", even if it takes 30x's as long...."

"Yes!", she replied, "use the time to connect with Jesus and pray for the neighbors". It was a good plan - albeit, one difficult to initiate due to the constant interruptions. BUT, it got my head back in the right place.

I started brainstorming with my girl-child how we could water the garden AND her legs with the hose when we got home. When the cool breeze blew up behind us, I prayed aloud, thanking God for the coolness and the encouragement of pushing us forward on our journey.

I have been blessed with many wonderful friends - face to face and online. Each has a purpose in my life. All are heaven-sent. I am honored to know them.

Thank You, God, for those You have sent into my life!

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