Wednesday, June 24, 2009

50 Ways....

When the shingles blew off my roof - lots and lots of shingles - my mind of course went to the cost. The roofer thought that insurance would cover at least the back of the house - which for me meant a thousand dollar deductible.

While * technically * I have the money, it was not mentally allocated for roof repair. It is allocated for about six other home improvement projects - all of which I'd prefer to a new roof. One day I will decide which one takes priority!

If I could classify it as an 'emergency', then there would be another source of funding, but, I cannot. One of the hazards of working in a level one trauma center for two decades is the word "Emergency" takes on a new definition. Roof replacement - in my eyes - is an inconvenience.

So, I sat there trying feeling a bit overwhelmed. Saving a thousand dollars seems like a huge, insurmountable task. I sat there and asked aloud "God, what do I do?" An idea came to me as I sat there: reframe it.

I posted on facebook that I was "....thinking of 50 ways...." I got a few comments that quoted the song about leaving a lover. But, no, I was thinking of 50 ways to save $20.

The economy being what it is, I thought I'd share some of the ideas.... If you've got some to add, I'd love to hear them!!
  • Drive past the drive-thru (need I say more?)
  • Stick to the shopping list
  • Clip and use coupons
  • Clean air filters regularly - and in the process, realize that the reusable one that I thought I had messed up a year ago trying to get it to the right size is TOO BIG, not too small. Fix it and return the new one I just bought to replace it - $21.08!
  • Bring lunch (and dinner) to work rather than buying it
  • Eat out of the freezer - I mean, seriously, there's food there, it's time it was eaten!
  • Wait to buy -I'm currently waiting on end of season clearance sales for a few items - most of which will end up waiting til NEXT end of season, I'm sure
  • Cancel the sitter once/month
  • Check for promotional codes for free shipping, etc. with online purchases (I just Googled it and found free shipping from Land's End)
  • Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
I wish I had noted this one earlier:
  • pick up the slip-n-slide - even though it's still a little wet - before the dog climbs the fence and escapes and turns it into confetti.
Then a few ideas on earning a few more bucks:
  • Teach a couple of extra yoga classes (that one fell into my lap - thank you God!)
  • Sell a few things on ebay, -
  • Sell the kids gently-worn clothes and passed-aside toys at a local consignment sale - my favorite is Encores and More North!
I know that money flows in and out, like water. I also know that none of it is "mine" anyhow. I do try to be a good steward, but I certainly have some room to improve.

Oh - and in the mean time. The insurance adjuster recommends simply patching the area. So, now I'm down to less than 20 ways....

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Carolyn said...

Thanks for all your tips Linda, here's some more.

Trade your skills for friends skills, babysitting, cleaning house, yard work etc.

Check out Good Will and Yard Sales- only for items you *need*

Repurpose items you already have.

Buy generic, most stores offer a guarantee if you don't like it. So it's no risk & you'll probably like it.

Bring a cooler with cold drinks if you'll be out for awhile running errands.

Combine trips to the store & save gas.

Instead of going out to eat with friends take turns having each other over & cooking yourself.

Put your cable on hold, yes you can do that.

Rent movies from the Redbox or check out movies from the library.

Have a budget and stick to it!

Most grocery stores honor their competitors sale prices, so bring the ads with you instead of going to several stores.

Don't use credit cards. If you already have one call and see if they will lower your rate, you'd be surprised.

Pay your bills on time.

Turn your thermostat up or down. Each degree saves you 3% on your bill. Try one degree at a time, your body will adjust.

Stock up when meats on sale & freeze it.