Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shopping, Skirts and Fiction, ... oh my....

It's been a little weird around here lately. For one thing, it's very quiet. My kids are with their dad, and I am left to fend for myself.... and the animals. Extra time at work has been non-existent, so I'm focusing elsewhere...

On one hand, it's a great time for me to catch up on a few (better-done-kid-free) things: deep cleaning the house, and shopping. If you know me well, you know that the "shopping" gene that stereotypically hangs tightly to the "X" chromosome, is apparently is somewhat defective in my DNA. (Fear not, though, it has apparently self-corrected in my daughter!) It is a rare day that I CHOOSE to go shopping. Rarer yet is a day that I choose to go CLOTHES shopping. But I did.

That very evening, I had some time - after more transition of the garage into workable space (another good kid-free project!). I looked through my stack of books. Nothing was appealing. Then I realized, I was interested in reading FICTION. *whoa* I have read one or two fiction books over the past year, but mostly, I'm a non-fiction kind of girl.

The next morning, heading to the pool, ,was the third new and unusual thing: I put on a skirt. Jeans and Tshirt or Jeans and a sweater, depending on the season. Summer, I'll trade the jeans in for some capri's or shorts (preferably denim). But, oh no... A skirt. By my own free will, I donned a skirt. Granted, it was very casual - a black Greek-inspired pseudo-wrap thing that I'd picked up at Target. But still....(Honestly, I've tried to remember what other colors they had... I love it so much!)

So... life continues, moves forward, ever changing. Evolving. Growing.

It's a good long as I don't get caught up in the weirdness of it all... (now, back to my book!)

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