Friday, June 12, 2009

In the Moment...

So, I'm sitting here, wondering what to write. Outside, it is raining, and the wind is intermittently blowing the curtains that surround my bedroom window. There is near-constant thunder, so I am sure there must be lightening.

Inside, we're cozy and warm. I'm at my desk and the kitten is curled up in the paper recycling box that sits at my feet. Since the power has flickered off twice, I have a candle lit nearby. The scent of "Lemon and Lavender" fill the room. In the background, the radio station from which I won the tickets is playing.

As the intensity of the rain increases, I pull up the "desktop radar". Guess it is a good thing I like storms: We're smack-dab in the middle of a "Severe Thunderstorm Warning". Yellow, orange and red light up the part of the county where I live. Surrounding us in every direction there is a "Tornado Watch"... Ah, yes, the joys of living in Middle Tennessee. That being said, my chances of being able to work a little extra tomorrow increase slightly.

Working or not working, either is just right. Extra money or time with a friend at the pool...

Life is Good.

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