Friday, June 19, 2009

God's Big Backyard - Service in Action

I love to see my church family in action. This past week has been such a great blessing - surrounding 'the storm' of course! It has been our Vacation Bible School - which we call "Backyard Bible Club".

Looking around, at first glance, you'd notice some amazing decorations, and a bunch of kids having a wonderful time as they learn about service.

For those who do not know, this is a "youth led" event. The middle and high school students are in charge of running the event, with adult mentors. They lead the worship, teach the bible lessons, and engage the younger children for two evenings.

From that perspective, there was so much more that I noticed. I was aware of each of the older youth using their gifts in their own unique ways. I witnessed them fully engaged with the younger ones, pulling them into the bible stories, with enthusiasm. As they needed volunteers, hands SHOT up in the air, "pick me, pick me!"

Some led games, or worship songs with signs and actions. Others headed up the craft project each night, or served the snack. Behind the scenes, there were those who painted flowers, created paper ants, or hung leaves on the trees. Each person lending a hand, doing their part.

It was truly and example what they were teaching: service - to family, friends, neighbors, their community and to Christ. These past few days, they were living examples of being the hands and feet of Christ. Teaching. Leading. Encouraging. Serving.

I feel so blessed to be a part of a church that encourages, expects and allows the youth to be servant leaders. They have again risen to the occasion and done an excellent job!

I give an enthusiastic "Two thumbs up!!" and a great big "YEA GOD!"

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