Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Art of Self-Care

This past week has been really interesting for me. Going back further, I am aware of the subtle changes that have been occurring... Decluttering. Letting go of the past. Decompressing the schedule.

I have also been finding myself being exposed to the topic: Attracted to books on Self-Care, on disconnecting from the insane pace of the modern world, and of course, the sermon last week that spoke of living intentionally.

I have KNOWN these things for a long time. But this past week, something shifted. I became willing to participate in my own self-care more than ever before.

I'm not talking self-indulgence, here. I'm talking self-CARE. Taking the time and making the effort to sleep well, eat well, exercise well. Balancing time between work and play. Establishing a routine of quiet time - of prayer and meditation. Allotting time and energy for the things that are most important in my life.

Specifically, this week, my food preferences have changed. Seriously. I walked into the grocery store, and HAD to buy asparagus. It's FABULOUS! I am taking the time to prepare myself real meals. Making the effort to bring something if I am going to be away at mealtime (so I avoid the drive-thru).

Last night, after mowing the grass, I turned on the grill, and pulled out the piece of fish I had bought. When I purchased it, I thought it was salmon. But, as I opened the package to put it on the grill, I read "Rainbow Trout"... wow! kewl!! As I turned, having put it on the grill, a little voice inside me said "You're doing this for ME?" It was as if deep down, I was surprised that I was making the effort to care for myself so well.

It's not perfect... I'm still working on adequate sleep... And the schedule. Being a single mom to two active kids is going to push that envelope. But, you know.... I've woken up earlier this week than I did during the school year - I've had more energy and feel well. And, I'm getting things DONE....

I am amazed.... absolutely amazed. I don't know which switch flipped, but I am loving this.

Thank You, God, for not giving up on me!! You have been telling me this for years, I know.... Be with me now, and help me continue!

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Susan said...

I'm proud of you! I've kind of been going through the same thing lately. I just finished a snack/dinner of fresh blueberries, 1% milk and cold cooked steel cut oatmeal. It was absolutely yummy.

I'm realizing I have to care for the body God has given to me because he's not through with me yet. Good job!!