Sunday, June 7, 2009

Start with One....

The youth at church are preparing for their "Backyard Bible Club" - known to others as Vacation Bible School. It is a youth-led event, and the role of the adults is to mentor the youth.

I will be working with the youth who are leading worship.... so there are two songs for them to learn. WELL... one to review and one to learn.

The one to learn has to do with service, and how overwhelming it can be to see all the needs of the world. It has the best line, though: "Start with one, and when you're done, start all over again."

That is going to be my plan of attack on my to do list as well. I will have a few kid-free days, and with the exception of a day or two at the hospital or doing massage, my plan is to make a huge dent in cleaning, decluttering and organizing. (and a "construction" project or two as well.)

But, when I think of all the things to do, I can quickly become paralyzed, not knowing where to start. I will have to get that song stuck in my head: "start with one, and when you're done, start all over again...."

Thank you God for my willingness to take on a task....Grant me perseverance to see it through.

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