Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Full Summer Day

Ah, the fun-filled days of summer! We certainly had a fun one this week! The day started at the pool. We ran into several friends there and stayed several hours.

The kids love to swim and play and do hand-stands and collect things underwater. For me, this has been the summer I've been waiting for.

For the past several years, as I have taken non-swimming infants, toddlers and preschoolers to the pool, I have reminded myself that ONE DAY, my kids would be able to swim well enough that I didn't have to have a constant eye on them. My friend and I still do the frequent 'eyeball' to be sure they're all playing well and above water. I have never believed it is the lifeguard's responsibility to keep my children safe in the pool.

But this year - they both passed their swimming tests, and have full privileges for pool use. This year, I get to balance my time between playing with my kids and talking with my friends. It is delightful!

From there, we went to Wal*mart to pick up a side for the church cookout, and drinks and snacks for the gathering of friends they're having early next week.

Just enough time for a quick shower and change before we headed to church for an evening of family fun. Burgers, hotdogs, pot-luck sides and desserts. The adults sat and talked or watched the excitement on the hillside.

Our church sits at the top of a hill. The immediate surroundings are grassy, with an edge of trees and shrubbery. Down the grassy hillside it was unrolled: A thick, wide, LONG slip n slide. A sprinkler and baby shampoo assist the youth in their journey down to the bottom.

Laughter and cheering, and the sound of comfortable conversation. Certainly, a wonderful day!

Thank You God!!

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