Friday, June 26, 2009

Discovering Opportunities

Honestly, I think shopping at Wal*mart with my children is the closest thing to hell on earth as any scenario that involves me and two living children. Yet, I had the "opportunity" to do just that this past weekend.

We were shopping for a side to bring to a church dinner and snacks and drinks for their summer water party with their friends. Of course I was being bombarded with "Mom, can I have....?" "Mom, I *need*...." and "Mom, Mom... Oh, LOOK! Mom...." I mean, seriously, there is a reason I hire a sitter to shop solo and take a yoga class: it makes mental health a possibility!

Yet, in the midst of that there were teaching opportunities. I got to show my son why I don't buy the milk in the yellow carton. It was actually kind of sweet to see his jaw literally drop in disbelief when he saw the difference in the price - especially when he looked and saw that the store-brand was also "Vitamin D" milk.

There were similar teaching opportunities with my daughter. And, another opportunity to connect and learn together. I know why I avoid it - it's exhausting and overstimulating - but, having done it, I am grateful for the opportunities that were presented.

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