Sunday, March 1, 2009

Living Deadline to Deadline

There is something a little disconcerting about living paycheck to paycheck, or deadline to deadline. I am one who considers myself a "planner". People say I'm "organized", and multi-task well. Generally, I'd agree with them, but the past six months or so, I feel like I've been living deadline to deadline. Things are getting done, but just under the wire.

I like to start a project when I get it. I like to have a time line in place - it doesn't have to be in stone (any more), but I like to have it established at least generally speaking. And I like to have time scheduled for the unexpected.

And that is where I struggle with the "deadline to deadline" living. It's the same as paycheck to paycheck living. As soon as I feel I'm getting caught up, something else shows up requiring my time or money.

I spent my Saturday night doing the finishing touches of consignment sale tagging. I finished well after bedtime - and certainly after "winding down" time. But, I think... I truly think... that's it for a while.

I'd have to check the calendar to be sure, but I think the next "deadline" I have is my Aunt's birthday in 10 days. I just need to shop for a gift and a card, and send it on it's way. Oh yeah, and renew my massage therapy certification. Piece of cake.

I will take a day (or two) to rest, and be still, spend some time on my bible study, hang out with my kids - maybe even take a nap! By then, spring should have sprung and there will be a great adventure in the backyard!!

Thank You for meeting me in the details, for finding those "last five minutes" that I need sometimes - even when they don't seem to exist.

I look forward to my quiet time with You. Help me to be still...

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