Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blue and Gold

I've been a little delayed in posting's "old news" now... but it doesn't mean that I love him any less. My boy-child participated in his first Blue and Gold ceremony the beginning of this month.

I have enjoyed watching him grow this year as a cub scout. He and his dad, working together on projects and activities that have earned him the rank of Tiger Cub. He grew physically taller, but also developed an internal strength that parallels his depth of character. He is a delightful, lovable child - with an unquenchable curiosity and spirit of wonder and joy.

This year, he and his dad have visited fire halls, gone cave camping, and participated in their first pinewood derby. Together, they created the car - a red and black 'zebra striped' pencil-car. Their first attempt ended up winning "Best design" and 3rd place for speed. "Thrilled" only begins to describe how he looked at that moment...

It is such a gift to be his mother. He models much - day to day - love, joy, enthusiasm, perseverance. He reminds me of the power of words, and the power of touch. He is an encourager who loves to hug! (to a fault!)

He is an "old soul" that comes out with the greatest nuggets of wisdom. Especially as it pertains to God. He lives his life exemplifying generosity, empathy and service.

Thank you God, for my son. Thank you for allowing me to be his mom. I am a better woman because of it.

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