Monday, March 23, 2009

Creating Sacred Space

I spent the day in the yard: moving stone, spreading mulch, planting pansies. Wonderful, wonderful work! It does my heart, body, mind and soul good. There is nothing that fills me more than "tending the earth"

On the agenda was creating some sacred space. A place to go and sit. A place to be still. A place to talk to God.

As I fit the stones and spread the mulch, I thought about what a gift it is to have the space, the ability and the desire to be out there. The day was beautiful, and my heart was joyful! The pansies, they were a little wilted, but I'm hoping they'll resuscitate well with a little TLC.

As spring progresses, I expect the bleeding hearts and the peonies I planted will grown and bloom. I will continue to move the violets and snowdrops scattered throughout my yard into this area. The area will evolve, with time, with care and with inspiration.

As the budget allows, it will also expand. I have hopes and dreams of increasing the size of the stone patio and the mulch garden area. I can see the final result in my head, and will make slow but steady progress until it is complete.

I wonder if it's the same way with God toward me.... He knows the final results.... it just takes some time, some work, some love and some care for the process to evolve. He COULD, I'm sure, just * create* me in that final image. But, like the creation of the sacred space and garden. The joy experienced in the process would be lost.

What a gift to journey, to evolve, to grow.

Thank you God!


Susan said...

I love the picture. And how about that labyrinth? :)

Linda said...

It has not been forgotten!