Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Song of the Mockingbird

It is night-time. As I sit here and consider what to write to post tomorrow morning, I sit and listen to the Mockingbird song. The windows are open (YES!), and I can hear him singing. His song is sweet and varied. It draws my attention away from this page as I listen more closely and get lost in his voice.

I remember first being aware of the nocturnal song of the Mockingbird several years ago. It was during the time between when my ex had moved out and our divorce was final. As I'd lay in my bed, the sweet song of the mockingbird would become my lullaby as I drifted off to sleep. If I'd wake in the night, I'd often hear him as well. Comforting, lyrical notes drifted through my window to surround me.

I see them frequently throughout the day, singing proudly from the tip top of my roof or the holly bush. Scampering across my lawn. All day long they sing, and play.

They are the state bird of Tennessee (Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Arkansas as well!) and a reminder to me of the joy in song, dance and play. They remind me to stand up tall and sing with all I've got. They remind me what a gift it is to be living in this world, surrounded by creatures that so freely offer their gifts to the world.

May I be like the Mockingbird, raising my voice, offering all that has been given to me, back to my God and those around me!

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