Monday, March 30, 2009

Must stay.... Must go....

It has been interesting to me to watch this process unfold. As I have begun to accept that there needs to be a dramatic change in my life - in terms of my schedule, anyhow - I have been given opportunities to experience the difference between things that "must stay" and things that "must go".

Things that "must go" are almost intolerable. Even the the things that seem like perhaps they SHOULD stay - either because of the length of time they've been in my life, or some link they hold to the past - I just gotta step away from.

In their place, I am finding opportunities to experience the things that "must stay". As my friend and I walked 5 children and an adolescent chocolate lab the mile and a half around our neighborhood, we said "we MUST do this more often". It was wonderful, wonderful time. Kids laughed, ran, walked, biked and scootered. We all got a little exercise and some wonderful fresh air.

Another "must stay" presented itself this evening. I've been drawing the reigns tighter on my son with his DS use. Tonight we played a little monopoly (he won), and then I had the opportunity to spend some extra time with him, doing a little slow, soothing massage on his back and legs. We talked and prayed together, and decided that he was willing to get to bed 5 (or 10) minutes early, if I were willing to rub his back for that time. Seems like a win-win to me (especially if it helps his sensory issues and keeps him in HIS bed at night!)

And, you know, the funniest thing.... I'm finding there are really only two questions I need to ask to ascertain which list an activity falls into:
  • Does ________ support/improve the quality of our family life?
  • Does ________ support/improve the quality of my/their relationship with God?
If the answer is no, it's gotta go.

Thank you God for the clarity thus far as I sort through the events of our day to day life. Be with us. Lead us. Guide us.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Ps 119:105 KJV


Jae said...

Wow!!! I so needed to hear this. We clean house in lots of ways :)
Love ya!

Becks said...

Thsnks for really helped.