Friday, March 6, 2009

Angel of Prayer

I love the Willow Tree angels - always have. Perhaps it is their simplicity, and their ability to represent all people with their featureless faces. I don't know. I do know we have a connection, Willow Tree and I.

If I weren't living on a single-mom budget, I'd have dozens more. All in all, I have four. Two were gifts: "Angel of the Heart" and "Angel of Healing". The other two, I bought for myself.

"Happiness", who stands tall with arms outstretched for bluebirds to land, I bought following the most incredible massage. I walked out of the session, standing tall, with my arms outstretched. As I spun around on the path that lead from the office to my car, I thought "WOW - this feels GREAT!" About 30 minutes later, I was standing in front of the figurine that fully captured my emotion. "Happiness".

My most recent purchase, I found as I was shopping for my Aunt's birthday - She'll get "Happiness", but don't tell! Once again, I stood face to face with a figurine that had the ability to display exactly what I was feeling.

I may have been standing in the store, talking with a friend, or teaching a yoga class, but deep within me was different. Deep within me, I've been on my knees with my hands pressed together at my heart, head bowed. "Oh hear me, God!"

I know You do, so I continue to bring forth my prayers. Day after day, moment after moment, prayer after prayer. At the cross, on the stage, in my home, in my car. "Pray without ceasing". Prayers of gratitude, prayers of petition - for myself, for others. Formally, informally, I pray.

Sometimes, I think, "All I can do is pray", and wish there were something more tangible that I could be doing. In reality, it's probably the BEST thing I can be doing. So, pray, I will.

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