Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air!!

I fully appreciate the expression now! We've had our first truly warm, beautiful spring day! Windows throughout my house are raised to the max! The breeze is coming in from all directions! YES!! A breath of fresh air!

When I come in from getting the mail, I realize how WONDERFUL it smells - spring, life, hope, joy - in my house! Instinctively I take in a deep, deep breath, and then another. Oh - I love this. I LOVE this.

Yes, the wind blows the notes and papers stuck to the fridge with magnets onto the floor. Yes, dust and pollen will be covering my appliances soon. Feeling this fresh air, I don't care. I don't even want to think of it.... and it CERTAINLY won't cause me to close the windows again!

I step back outside, past the dog kennel, toward the garden. Arms extended out to my sides, head flung back, I spin and laugh. Thank You, thank You, God, for returning spring to me!

I take a moment to consider the fact that the same is true when I open the windows to my heart and allow Him to breathe new life there as well. Yes, things get strewn around a little bit - or even a lot! Yes, it makes it more susceptible to dust, pollen and other annoyances to collect there, BUT.... opening the windows to my heart - allowing a breath of fresh air to stir things up a bit - to bring hope and joy and cause me to breathe deeply and spin around like a child... OH MY GOD... it is so worth it! So worth it!

Open the windows of my heart, Lord - come in and blow some things around! Bring me a breath of fresh air, and allow me to dance!

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