Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mistaking the Urgent for the Important...

I was working on my bible study, when the question was asked, "How do we find a healthy balance between [tasks] and [relationships]?" It's times like these that I really appreciate the "voices in my head" - sometimes I feel a little crazy talking about them, but I do appreciate them! This voice comes from a woman who was more present in my life during a previous season. She would frequently remind me - and others in our group - "Don't mistake the urgent for the important!"

Her voice resounds in my head when I am faced with both a sink full of dirty dishes, and a little girl who wants to snuggle. "Don't mistake the urgent for the important!" The dishes are urgent - the sitter arrives in 15 minutes! I don't want the world to think I can't keep up with my dishes!

Honestly, I can't. Dishes and laundry - the bane of my existence! No sooner than I have them all clean, more are dirty! Same goes for the playroom. It's designated as such - and fortunately out of sight from the main living quarters! Periodically, I sort through and tidy up. Vacuum. But for the most part... it's a well-loved playroom.

Now, my daughter - she wants to snuggle. My boy wants to play cards or a new version of a search-for-hidden-objects computer game that he has. That is important. Those moments won't last - and if they are missed, I miss a great opportunity to nurture a relationship with my children.

One day, I said aloud. "The dishes - urgent. But you, Amelia, are important!" The grin the took over her face as I pulled her to my lap was unforgettable!

May I be given wisdom and eyes to see the important before me!

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