Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Patiently, I Will Wait....

I never cease to be amazed at "timing". Yesterday I wrote saying that I am "waiting" - which, honestly, took me a bit by surprise to see that word there, but it was there, and wouldn't leave. As soon as I hit "publish", I put the movie "Fireproof" into my laptop. I'd heard good things about it, and knew it was time to see it.

Much of the movie, I could relate to: the marriage, the importance of God's active presence in my life, and how that can turn a perspective 180 degrees. My story didn't turn out quite like Caleb and Catherine's, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. (for those of you who know me, it was a "6 Kleenex movie"- which is actually significantly less than expected!)

Of everything in the movie, the part I loved most was - surprise, surprise - a song. "While I'm Waiting". I'd never heard it before, but let me tell you - it was responsible for 80% of the Kleenex usage! Powerful.

"I am waiting on You, Lord"

"I'll be taking every step in obedience"

"I will serve You while I'm waiting"

"I will worship while I'm waiting"

It says nothing in there about idly passing the time, or implementing plans of my own. Not one word about whining and complaining. It does say it will be painful, and not easy, yet, I'm not to run away.

It says I'm waiting on God. It says I'm hopeful, bold and confident. I will be walking in obedience. I will be serving and I will be worshiping. I will not fail.

More instructions.... I love instructions...

Thank You, God.

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