Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yea God!!

"... And all that I can say is 'Hallelujah'!!" Those lyrics so fit right now!!

It happened! It really happened! God in action is such an amazing thing to witness! Sometimes, it's even more fun to witness it in the lives of others. This God story belongs to one of my friends.

I believe in letting people tell their own story, so I will share, very generally, my perspective on it - and how it parallels my life.

Her marriage had ended in divorce. It meant a lot of change - including finding a new home.

I'd visited with her a month or so ago. She'd caught me up on the events of finding the house she was trying to buy. I knew at the time, from what she had said, that God's hand was all over it. But, there were still a *few* obstacles to overcome from the time we walked through it to the closing.

One by one, the solutions came. Miracle after miracle (seriously!). And now... she owns a house!! It is so much more "her" than her "married house" ever was. It's nothing short of perfect!

And you know, while I am trilled and excited for her about the fact that all of this worked out - perfectly timed - the house itself isn't exactly what I am so delighted about. I feel like I can see that she has been given a wonderful, wonderful gift. But.... It's still wrapped!

What she doesn't (completely) know is that it gets better.... so much better! As little by little she moves into her new home, her new life will begin. It can't help but be a life that is centered on the fact that God moved mountains to provide for her.

I believe she will find a peace there that she hasn't ever experienced before. True, genuine, God-centered peace. And THAT is why I cry out "hallelujah!!" YEA GOD!!

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