Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moving on...

I got one of those calls today that remind me of how UN-fixed plans really are. Schedules are not really "set". My timing is merely that... my timing.

The call was from my ex, letting me know that his mother had died the night before. The day continued, but the rest of the week got put on hold, awaiting plans for visitation and the funeral.

I thought back to my father's funeral, and my friend, Karen's death. "Love never ends", I reminded myself. I remember the acuteness of the loss, and how time eases the pain. There will be things that pop up from time to time that remind us of her, and we will revisit it briefly. One day, those reminders will bring joy for the life.

On my return home from the Elementary School, I sat to read my email. In the stack was a note from my first ex-husbands step-father. He was letting me know that his wife, my first mother-in-law, had died, early last week. "She always loved you," he wrote.

And I realize how greatly I have been blessed. How fortunate am I to have had TWO mother-in-laws who "always loved me". Despite the divorces, we have kept in touch. A gift indeed!

I am also grateful to have been able to see both of them fairly recently. Neither one was in great health, and I know that they are both "free" now of that which restricted their lives here on earth these past few years. The are moving on... to bigger and better things.

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Pam said...

i am so sorry for their loss. glad that they are both free. glad you had that kind of relationship with them... at this point i can't imagine how ugly it would be if something like that happened around here... so many unresolved issues surround my ex-mil. :(