Thursday, May 28, 2009

What are the odds?

So... yes, I know we've been having this crazy mix of rain and sunshine here lately. you might imagine, that is perfect rainbow weather.

I have seen rainbows twice this week. The first one - a double - I saw after a long day of physically hard work. I was quietly walking the dog, unwinding a little bit.

The second, was at the church, mid-week. I was talking with my aunt on the phone. I was catching up with her when I looked up, and there, stretching from my favorite stand of trees to the top the church building, was another.

I find comfort in the fact that both occurred at the end of long, difficult days, where I was trying to rest, relax and regroup.

They brought peace, and joy and hope. The remind me of the beauty that just pops up in this world from time to time. Sometimes unexpected - though, sometimes, we learn the signs and begin to search.

They remind me that in the midst of my crazy life here on this earth, God is present and all is well.

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Pam said...

Same crazy weather here, but we have yet to see a rainbow!! we were looking, but no luck! maybe today!!