Friday, May 29, 2009

Hectic Joy

I am amazed at how quickly this first full week of summer has filled up: birthday party, graduation party, Daisy Girl Scout event - on top of the usually scheduled events, primarily gymnastics, yoga and karate. Yet, as I sat on the deck letting the dog run free in the back yard, I recalled much joy in the day.

It hadn't started that way.... it had been a morning of struggles: Getting the kids bathed, the dog walked, and into the car for our first session in "The Adventure Gym". Both kids were really excited about it - the boy, for sure, and the girl hoping with all her might that she'd be able to participate as well...

We will be heading there weekly for my son's Occupational Therapy to treat his newly diagnosed sensory problems. I sat and laughed til I cried at some of the "games" he got to play. Flying through the air like superman, climbing rope ladders, shooting hoops, zip lines. It is amazing to me to see how the therapist can package his tasks into little gifts that he can't get enough of!

From there, we went to pick up his karate belt at his dad's, a quick ice cream treat, then back to the house for an hour or so before karate. See, he really needed his belt because it was stripe testing: and he earned his second stripe!!

So, there I sat, watching the dog play, with the wonderful summer breeze in my hair, recapping the day. As I said my prayers, one thing kept coming to mind: the ear to ear grins on our faces and the sound of laughter in my ears.

It was a long, hectic day - but it was filled with much joy. The sound of my children's laughter is what I will remember....

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