Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Working Together

"Many hands make work light" sure was the theme for the day. We were working hard getting my friend moved out of her old house and into the new. Most of the big things had already been moved, and we were doing the detail work.

There had been the yard sale and what remained was sorted into the Goodwill pile and the dump pile. There were still the few last minute things to move, ...and then the cleaning.

My son did his part by searching for forgotten coins. "Mom! Lift me up so I can see on this shelf!" he say. I'd lift him as high as I could, and he'd inspect it. By the end of the day, he'd collected $1.87 in pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters.

I was the "muscles" of the operation. Hauling things here and there. It's actually a job I enjoy - it has quick results! I was also dubbed the "Eagle Eye", pointing out little things that she'd forgotten here and there.

At lunchtime, another friend dropped by, bearing a sandwich, chips and a drink. She picked up a mop, and together the three of us cleaned the house from top to bottom - literally!!

It was a good day of service. It was a day I could "pay it forward" for those that helped me move. It also reminded me of how much I cherish living in community. There were many, many years, I lived in isolation. I can't even begin to imagine being there still!

Many thanks to those who pulled and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Those who loved me and challenged me, and those who stood by my side as I figuratively "cleaned house".

Thank you God for the community of people you have brought into my life! I couldn't live without them!!

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