Saturday, May 2, 2009

Little Bits of Progress

There are days where I feel like I am going nowhere. Running as fast as I can on an never ending gerbil-wheel called motherhood. Then, there are other days - like the past few - where I feel like I have actually made some progress. I couldn't tell you what is different except the outcome.

The deck is stained, the mulch is spread. Best of all, I can see the top of my desk and my kitchen counter-tops! Even despite my best attempts at going "paperless", there seems to be a non-stop influx of paper into my house. Piles here and there - some to be sorted and filed, some require an action before they can be thrown away. It just seems to collect here.

Granted, I have a pair of first graders who tote reams of worksheets home every month. I get duplicate newsletters and announcements - but at least I have a better shot than most of actually GETTING the information! I am constantly perusing it, pulling out the "really good stuff" and dumping the rest in the recycling.

The church yard sale is coming up, so I have also been sorting through cabinets and closets. We're inundated with "stuff", and I'm breaking free! Bags of stuff we don't need and don't use will turn into cash for the youth. Win-win in my book!

My CD's are selling on, some books are listed. I even put some of my photographs - mostly of Chaco Canyon, NM - up on eBay. I had framed them to bring to a local coffee shop to display - though I won't tell you how long ago.... I've done nothing but dust them.

I am making progress. It feels so freeing!! As I find space in my closets, in my kitchen and in my garage, I am amazed at how much more deeply I can breathe. Just wait til I tackle the play room!

It's not fast-going, but it's going... Thank You, God!

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Pam said...

i am envious of your cleaning out!!! good for you!