Thursday, May 7, 2009

LIfe is a Stage

I remember the years of my late teens and early to middle adulthood feeling like I was cast in a play. My life felt like I was living on stage, performing the roles that were written for me. I had lost the connection between my self and how I expressed it. I lived by a list of "should"s and expectations that may or may not have been related in any for or fashion to what I wanted, dreamed or hoped for. They very accurately reflected what others would have me do - or like or dream.

Apparently, something shifted in the past decade or so. Without my even being consciously aware of it, who I am and what I do are pretty congruous. What made me realize it was a song. I don't even remember the song or the specific lyrics. I do remember thinking, "Wow... that has changed! I don't feel that way any more! I don't feel like I'm performing my life!!"

I feel like I am LIVING it. That is a huge, huge gift!

Thank You, God

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