Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day '09

This weekend, we participated in a Cub Scout service project: placing flags at the National Cemetery outside of Nashville. I had been sent this story just a few days ago, describing the inspiration for the national anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner. (YES! it is worth the ten minutes to hear it through....)

We gathered early in the morning, my boy in his uniform, my girl refusing to wear her Daisy tunic. There we stood, surrounded by many, many scouts and their families. A brief welcome and one of the troop's color guard "presented the colors". We all joined in singing the national anthem.

As the words of the song pressed on, the story of it's origin (whether true to the letter or not) replayed in my mind. I realized, as I stood in the National Cemetery that I was also surrounded by great men and women who served our country.

As we headed out to place a few of the 35,000 flags that morning, I tried to impress on my children what an honor it is to place these flags, and what a gift to return a tiny bit of service to these men and women.

Each flag that we placed, exactly 12 inches from the marker, was accompanied by a "thank you", and much gratitude.

A happy and safe Memorial Day to you all....

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