Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

There don't seem to be words to describe what I am feeling. Motherhood is the most difficult joy I have ever experienced! There are some moments that I am not sure how I get through, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

A friend of mine and her daughter have been caring for infant twins. The daughter is babysitting - with Mom's help. My friend said "infant twins are HARD WORK". Oh yes, they are! But, they are so worth the investment of time, energy and love.

It has been an honor to watch the two of them grow into the children they are today. They have unique talents and personalities. Their challenges are different. And, in one sense, I'm grateful they are a boy and a girl. It helps me - and others - to remember that they truly are individual people.

Motherhood has stretched me beyond what I ever thought I could do. It has encouraged me to grab tightly to God's direction and guidance. "HELP ME!!" Spoken or signed, comes out daily, at least.

And, despite the challenges, I have never experienced greater love for another person, than I have experienced with my kids. Nor have I had a greater appreciation for my mother or more empathy for the challenges of raising her children! (Knowing that gives me hope that my daughter won't always think I'm an idiot. : ) )

My eyes still fill up with tears when I remember back to last Mother's Day. The kindergarten classes were having a "Mother's Day Tea". I split my day between the two classrooms. As I stood outside of my son's room, I watched and waited. The children were to escort us to our seats.

When my boy-child saw me, his face lit up, he stood up straight and tall. He picked up the bouquet of paper flowers he'd made, and walked toward me, smiling from ear to ear.

My daughter, wanted to snuggle. She also wanted me to stay with her... just her.

I have story after story to tell...yet it all comes back to feeling honored that I have been trusted with these two little beings. They are a treasure! Truly a gift from God!

So, to all the Mom's out there.... Happy Mother's Day! You are loved at least as much as you love, and much more than you'll ever know!

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