Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morning Crisis.... Must Have Coffee....

This will likely seem very strange to some, and funny to others. It is definitely a NEW experience for me. My affection for coffee is a very recent discovery. In years past, I've loved the aroma of coffee in the morning (so long as the espresso machine didn't burn the grounds too much!), but as for actually drinking the stuff, no way...

I found it out of necessity. This winter, burning the candle at both ends, I found myself stumbling down to the cafeteria at the hospital for something warm and caffeinated. At the end of the clinical rotation, the students presented me with a thank you card - and a gift card... to Starbucks. Funny... I didn't consider myself a coffee drinker. Apparently my behavior gave me away.

Tuesday, I woke exhausted. I'd let the dog out at 3 am. Heading back to the warmth of my bed, I looked at the clock. I grinned from ear to ear - I had almost as much of the night left as I'd slept the entirety of Saturday night!

When morning arrived, I wanted a nap, but it was the beginning of a busy week and there was much to do. Plus, it was the only sunny day predicted in the near future. I have wonderful neighbors, but I don't know how kindly they would take to goats roaming the yard - even if they're only borrowed. So, I had to get out and mow my part.

The kids had been picked up by the village carpool, and I began to make my coffee. (Editor's note: the fact that I DO make coffee at home is a recent event - previously, I'd use my coffee maker to brew tea). I filled the back with water, and added the coffee to the reusable filter. I pressed "on" and began to search for the butter to add to my bagel.

Then I realized, it was strangely quiet. I listened intently. What was missing? I went through the mental checklist: kids? At school. Dog? outside. Laundry? not started yet. Coffee maker? THAT's IT! There was no steaming, no dripping.

I checked to be sure I'd turned it on. Yes. Plugged it in? Yes. Pot was properly positioned. Yes. Hmmm.... Electrical outlet tested and reset. Yes. I moved the coffee pot to another outlet. Still no luck. I sighed.

Did I really want to drive all the way to Wal*mart (5 miles) right now to get a coffee maker? That seemed a little ridiculous.

It was then that I noticed the folder on the counter. It was supposed to have been in my daughter's backpack. Her teacher needed the papers inside to pick the clip art for the "Get Up and Grow" program she was creating.

I grabbed my keys and headed to the car. So much for a saved trip to the elementary school this morning....BUT... since I'm out anyway....

A quick stop by Wal*mart proved to have the perfect coffee maker - on sale even! It even has the capability to turn itself on, so I can awaken to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. (And, it's black, so it ties into my kitchen better than the ol' white one did!)

At home, I unpacked it, filled it and transferred the reusable filter from the old pot to the new one. I pressed start. Almost immediately, I heard the steaming and the dripping... in stereo. Oh, how I laughed (and rolled my eyes just a little too!) when I turned around to find the "broken" coffee maker filling the pot with hot water.

After my cup of java.... I napped. (Good choice! I'd have never made it on caffeine alone!)

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Joe Ricci said...

coffee = yet more proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy...