Friday, May 15, 2009

Gratitude in the Next Generation

I recently spent several hours helping to prepare the church yard sale. Stuff to sort, stuff to price. Lots and lots of STUFF - some pretty cool stuff, too. (and, yes, I am thrilled to have contributed so much of my STUFF to the sale!)

One of the things I found is a book. Actually, it was shown to me by another mom. It helps bring biblical concepts, and stories to kids through activities and crafts. I figured I'd peek through it and see if we could do a project or two over the summer.

Well, my daughter got a hold of it (Yea God!!). That night, she ran out of her room, "Can I borrow your Holy Bible?" (Hers got lost sometime that night - HOPEFULLY in the field and not in the "for sale" stack!) I looked at her quizzically. "It's got REAL SCRIPTURES in it!" she said, nodding her tilted head repetatively, giving me her impish smile and eyes that begged 'please, please, please'. I couldn't refuse...

The next night, I found out she had been doing "fill in the blank"s. She'd look up the verse and fill the missing word into the blank on the page. I paused and said a silent "yea God!" when I realized my little girl had been looking to the bible for answers. I had no idea how to navigate a bible at her age! And no idea there was any use to.

(Guess I'd better get studying to keep ahead of her on content... :) And some answers for our "fashion" struggles...)

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