Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome Summer

Some people declare summer to have started after Memorial Day weekend, or after the end of school, or by some date on the calendar. For me, it's all about fireflies. Once the fireflies have started lighting the night sky, it's summer in my book.

I have a hazy dream-like memory of an evening of catching fireflies. I was very young, visiting the home where my grandmother grew up. Those details I know only because of being told. I've seen little clips of this evening from time to time in my mind's eye. And every summer, as I see the first firefly, those few seconds of dream-scene get pulled to the forefront of my thoughts.

There are times that I wish I remembered more about it - though the fact I remember it at all is amazing. I don't recall what made that evening so special - but the memory is almost magical.

Soon, MY children will start begging to stay up late to catch fireflies. I will have to let them from time to time, and perhaps one of those evenings will follow them into adulthood.

This world is so amazing in it's creation - the seasons, the critters, the way it all just FITs - perfectly. Thank you God for this beautiful, beautiful world I live in....

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Pam said...

i used to think i loved fall the most, but i am beginning to love spring more each year!! maybe it's a little parallel to what we've been through? God bringing LIFE back into our barren worlds... God bless sweet friend!