Sunday, May 3, 2009

God in Action...

I am being given another opportunity to watch God in action. This is something I will never tire of. (Though, I must admit, I'm glad the action is in someone else's life this time.)

I have a friend who is in the process of buying a house. The situation is a little complicated, but as she listens and obeys, the path is being cleared. Obstacle after obstacle is being set aside, and day by day, she is closer to her new home.

I know without a doubt the house will be everything she needs - and I believe it will become even more than that. It will be the sanctuary she desires for herself and for her family. Their refuge. Her cleft in the rock.

In the process, she is being given the gift of learning perseverance and the joy that comes with hard, hard work. When she is done, she will be exhausted. She'll look back and have no idea how it all came together - only through God could it have happened as it did. She will then be given a season of rest. Of that I am certain, for it has been that way in my life after each period of hard, hard work. And then, she will experience joy, and peace.

I look forward to being able to be of service in her process ... especially in regards to the yard. When I saw the house and got the tour a month or so ago, we walked the property as well. I pointed out the different plants and flowers that I knew to be growing there. It will be beautiful... and a gift to watch as each area comes to life.

Currently, it is a challenge for sure, but I see God's hand in it.... it has "blessing" written all over it!

Thank you, God, for blessing my friend.

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