Monday, May 18, 2009

A New Addition

Well, we have opened our home and our hearts to a new addition. "Cassie" is a nearly six week old kitten that our friends have been raising since two days after her birth.

She arrived at their home, orphaned, but was taken in, fed, loved and cared for.

We have visited her several times - once or twice before she even had her eyes open. Sunday evening, she arrived at our home for the first time.

My daughter has claimed "mom" status (with the contingency that "Granny Lin" be responsible for litter box duty). Her brother will be "uncle". I, of course, will be "Granny Lin". Jake-the-Dog is something along the lines of The Big Bad Wolf in her eyes. (Honestly, I'd put my money on the cat!)

She is sweet and loving, and we are grateful to have her in our home. I can tell already, by the way Amelia so sweetly prayed for her tonight that the itty-bitty-kitty will be a blessing to my daughter especially. Having to feed her in the morning MIGHT even motivate her to get out of bed without a struggle.

Thank you God for loving hearts, gentle spirits and the willingness of people to reach out to those in need.

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