Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane...

This thought came to me as I was - sadly enough - at the drive-thru of McDonald's after work this week: "Why is it that I settle for this?" It's not really what I want. It's not at all healthy for me. So why am I here?

It is "convenient". Convenient? Is it worth the "convenience"? I don't know. (which in this case means: "No, but I'm not willing to admit that yet!") *sigh*

I broaden that thought and wonder what other things I "settle" for in the name of "convenience". What things I do simply because I can? What things do I gather into my life simply because they are there for the taking? I know that things of value take time and effort - preparing meals, tending gardens, building and maintaining relationships, just to name a few! I know that not all things that are out there "for the taking" bring value to my life, or glory to God. Some days are easier to put effort into than others. Some things are easier left behind than others. Some concepts are easier to grasp than others.

I think back to when bottled water was new on the market. I was outraged - a DOLLAR for a bottle of water? NO WAY was I paying THAT!! Instead, I'd pay $1.29 for a diet coke that I didn't really want. What I wanted was water. But, my perception of what was reasonable, was skewed. (oh how stupid I felt when I realized what I was doing!!)

Along the same lines, but with a little different twist - I wonder how many times the phrase from the song "Hold me Jesus" is true in my life. "I'd rather fight you for something I don't really want, than take what you give that I need" I wonder how often I refuse to let go of something that is ultimately making my life more difficult to maintain the illusion of "control".

I am sure I would be astounded to find out how much time I would have if I would let go of some of those things. Things that I do, simply because I can, rather than because I should. Time - precious time. Time I could use to be still. To simply be. To do things that I enjoy. Freeing my life up of the 'conveniences' to savor the delicacies of life... wow. What a concept!

There is a feast set before me! How often do I choose "fast food" because I am too impatient to wait for God's preparations to be complete? How often do I overlook the abundance waiting for me because my gaze is focused on that which I am holding tightly in my grasp? How often to I fill my life up with stuff simply to have it? When will I learn?

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