Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Moments of Simple Joy - the boy

"I love you SOOOOOOOOOO much, Mommy", he says. It's our standard greeting...and farewell. "I love YOU SOOOOOOOOOO much too", I reply. "You are my favorite boy in the WHOLE world" I tell him. It's true. He is. "...And you're my favorite mom", he says (unless he's mad at me, in which case, he lists off two or three moms who are ahead of me on the list. Good news is, I know that fades as quickly as his anger!)

I was blessed with this one. He is a truly lovable child - and smart. He has some quirks (don't we all!), and a million questions. He is "awesome" at game cube, and he's a pretty good snuggler, as well. This boy has never met a stranger, and is not afraid to ask for what he wants.

I tuck him in at night these days and wonder where the time has gone. It wasn't THAT long ago that he was in preemie clothes. Now, he is outgrowing clothes faster than I can put them in the closet! Nearly seven, he has friends and interests, and preferences! They sure grow up fast.

I pull up his covers, give him a hug, and kiss his forehead. "I love you" I say. "I love you too.... sooooooooo much" he echos back. I kiss him again and tell him, "I'm so glad God let me be your mom, and you be my boy". He smiles. I can't help but do the same.

Thank you, God, for these moments of simple joy... Thank you, God, for my son.

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