Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When One Teaches, Two Learn

They say "When one teaches, two learn", and I whole-heartedly agree! I've begun another semester as clinical instructor for a group of nurse practitioner students, and I can tell already that there will be much for me to learn. New students, new location, new group of patients.... much to learn.

Learning is really all about humility. About being "teachable". It is knowing I don't have all the answers. I don't know everything, and I am willing to learn from my students. I am willing to learn from anyone willing to teach. Some of the most profound lessons have come from some of the simplest and most down to earth people I know - my children.

They teach about honesty and love. About forgiveness and generosity. They know the healing power of a hug, and the true power of words. They know how to share, and they know the exuberance of pure joy. They know when to laugh and cry, and jump and dance. Simply by being children, they have taught me much.

May I never forget...

Lord, Keep me humble.... let me learn.

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kristin said...

They certainly know more about forgiveness then most of us adults, that's for sure!

I left you some "blog love" on my blog, come on over and see!