Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stoking the Fire

One of my favorite expressions of all time is:

"When the fire behind me is hotter than the fire in front of me, I'll walk"

It sums it up so beautifully for me. Some things I'll walk toward independently - some things I'll run for. Most of those things either aren't significant or aren't in my best interests.

The real test comes when I'm called to action, and I'd rather keep my feet planted firmly where they stand. Be it the fire of habit, or fear, or simply the unknown before me, I don't want to move.

Days like these, when I feel the fire behind me being stoked, I may inch my feet forward a little bit. Really, what I need to do is take two great giant steps on faith.... and then two more. But that would mean change. I would be risking what I have now.

The irony is that I have never been called forth to danger. I have always stepped forward to something better. It didn't always feel that way initially - "different" is usually uncomfortable for me at first, and sometimes I must walk through some darkness to get there. Most often, I find the blessings there are beyond my wildest imaginings. When I listen and walk where He leads, Peace, Joy, Hope and Love are sure to meet me...

So, as I feel the warmth of the fire behind me becoming hotter than the fire in front of me. I will walk. One step at a time, I will walk. Through whatever fear or habit or unknown situation lies directly before me, I will walk. To Peace and Joy and Hope and Love, I will walk.

May I walk out on faith.... before I get burned!

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