Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seasons of Change...

Autumn is here. There is no denying it - YES!! The days - and especially the nights - are cooler, and there is a hint of color on the leaves. Truth be told, Autumn is my favorite of the seasons - though I do find goodness in all of them. Rebirth in the Spring, warm lazy days of Summer, and the long, peaceful nights of Winter's rest. But Autumn.....
I love.

I love the crispness in the air, the color that seems to explode overnight on the hillsides. I love boots and sweaters, and snuggling under a blanket with my children. I love cider and apples, and "fall fests". And I love Thanksgiving. A holiday about Gratitude. That's right up my alley! (oh! and there's food - that's right up my alley, too!)

Somehow - like Spring - Autumn, for me, is an easy transition. There is a natural progression in the "change" of seasons. By the time Autumn arrives, I'm ready for the long hot days of Summer to be over. I willingly embrace the change of the season. I'm ready for my kids to be back in school.

If only other life changes were as easy. It doesn't matter that it's a welcome change, I tend to hold on to a piece of the past - even if full transition into the future requires complete surrender of that which has been. And then, of course, there are those changes that I dread, the ones where I dig my claws into the ground and go kicking and screaming.

That is part of why I love the seasons - and Autumn in particular. The progression of the seasons reminds me that change is a natural part of life. Children grow up, people die. Friends come into our lives during a particular "season", and some may leave when the "season" is through.

And, Autumn... the beautiful irony of Autumn: It is a season where there is great abundance, and color and invigorating winds - yet, it is a preparation for rest - for Winter. The quiet time when there doesn't seem to be much life. The days are short, the nights are long, and seasonal depression runs rampant.

But, knowing that, Autumn does not hang on to it's leaves. Autumn knows it's purpose. Autumn lets go. Autumn trusts. Autumn has faith that - despite the dark and cold days that lie ahead - Life will spring forth again.

May I live like Autumn.

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