Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Ebenezer

From the moment I had a contract on the house, I knew it had to have a stone. My Ebenezer, for surely, Thus Far, God has been with me.

I knew roughly the size and the shape the stone should be, and I knew exactly where it would go. There was a spot between the steps leading to the porch and the side of the house that was just crying for something... and I knew exactly what.

I searched and searched for the perfect stone. Then, one day, I found it. I had laid a quilt in the back of my minivan, and on top of that, the forklift lay the stone.

Once I got home, the full realization of what was to happen next hit me. This stone was HEAVY... I backed the car as close to the house as I could, and slid the stone out onto the ground.

Side to side I rocked the stone, and inch by inch, we got closer to it's resting place. Finally, I was within a few feet of it's destination. I laughed at myself - at the sight I must be to the neighbors. And I wondered HOW I could possibly get the stone where it needed to go - in the path were plants I didn't want to destroy, and there were the steps.

Then, I laughed again. I figured if God could move a mountain, surely, He and I together could move this rock! But I wondered how it would happen. There was no lifting this stone, it was far to heavy - moving it a few inches at a time, pivoting on the other corner was work enough.

I got quiet, closed my eyes and still had no idea how this rock was going to move the 2 1/2 feet that lay between where we were and where we were going. Finally - YES! - I lay the quilt along the lower steps, and tilted the rock onto the step. From there, it could slide to the end, and with all my strength (and then some) I could lift the top, and it would be in place. Worth a try.

As you can see, it worked. Stone in place, I sat and laughed again. "Thus far..." I said "Thus Far, God has been with me." Thank You, God

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