Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Things We Take for Granted

I am reminded yet again, of how much I take for granted. I see this a lot in my work at the Trauma Center. There is inevitably someone whose life has been dramatically altered by an 'accident' or as a consequence of a choice they've made. Nearly everyone's situation has changed in some way, and they find themselves more 'dependent' than they once were. (If only we realized the gifts that we can find there...)

Today's reminder comes from someone I've never met. Someone whom the person that shared this with me doesn't even know.... she knows his friend. A young man's life is forever changed by an accident at a youth retreat. So is his family's. And his friends'... and hopefully mine.

As we talked about and prayed about this situation, we were reminded of exactly how much we take for granted. Our health, our children, our homes, our families, our jobs. Every single aspect of our lives. Not one bit of it is guaranteed. No matter how largely we write our plans on our calendars (in ink!!) - they remain just that. OUR plans. Vapor in the wind...

I do not wish this to turn into, or have it be interpreted as a position of fear or dread. It is not! Quite to the contrary!! It is a call to gratitude! When my car starts and there is food to eat - may I be grateful! When my children are healthy and I wake to meet another day - may I be grateful! My hands work, my brain works, my computer works (mostly!) - may I be grateful!

Life's minor annoyances are just that. Even the major annoyances. Mere annoyances. May I keep my perspective. May I remember that my plans are just my plans. May I know my place. May I honor God in His...

May I hug my children a little closer and may I tell those that I love that I do.

May I not miss the blessings that lay before me... simply because they've always been there.

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