Friday, October 24, 2008

Progress, not Perfection

I love the fact that there are people in my life. Some I know better then others, but all can encourage me. All can teach me. Tonight I was shown that in my yoga class.

It was a typical class, with the exception that we had a few extra minutes before class. The usual mix of students - "old timers" to beginners. Some I've been in class with for years, others I met tonight, and the whole range in between.

It's interesting to me to watch people's journeys. To see their progress as they go. They give me hope, and encourage me in my journey.

Tonight, in the moments before class, I witnessed an older man lay on his back, with his head on the floor and his arms stretched out over his head, thumbs on the ground. No big deal, right? Well, for him - life changing. I remember the day he walked into class for the first time. If he had been told him then, that he'd be here today doing THIS... he wouldn't have believed it.

There is another woman, whom I've been in class with for years. Same story. I witness her doing things today she'd never have dreamed of doing when she first started. In both I see a brightening of spirit, an ease in their movements. I see Joy, and Hope.

A third, who always wanted to try yoga. I witness her courage as she joins us for her first class.

Looking at it day to day, it's hard to see the progress... but start adding the days together... WOW!

Then, I realized I'm the same way... poco a poco, little by little, I make progress. A little victory here and a little stretching out of my comfort zone there. But... if I look at it day by day, it's hard to see. With the perspective of a little time, and a series of small steps. There is progress. Great progress.

Of course, I'd PREFER to just do it right NOW, and be done with it. But, that's not that way it works in my life... Perfect, I am not, so progress must be my goal.

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