Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moments of Simple Joy - the fire

We all love the fire. During the cool autumn and winter months, you'll find us gathered there. There's just something about it - it's warmth, the way the flames dance. I don't know exactly. We just like it.

My daughter will sit there til I bodily remove her. My son will pause, and stop for a moment, as he runs by between the playroom and the bathroom. And, me? Well, I'll sit there as long as I can until a child beckons or a task just can't be ignored any more.

There is something very soothing for me, watching the flames as they dance over the logs. Feeling the warmth on my face, my chest my arms and legs It causes my body and my mind to be still. I can simply close my eyes and enjoy the warmth - for minutes at a time! It provides another opportunity for me to become still enough that I can feel the presence of God.

Thank you God for the fire - and for moments to experience Your presence in my life.

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