Monday, September 29, 2008

One Way...

So... a lesson in humility today. There is always, always something I learn in service to God. For me, this is especially true in the world of interpreting. There is just something about standing up there, in our spot, worshiping before God and the congregation that is very powerful. There is something about that 'spot'... but perhaps more importantly, there is often something that happens, standing up there, that is very convicting - or moves my heart- in some way or another.

When I have time during the week, I like to bring the music - on my ipod - to the church. If I'm fortunate, and the church is open, I practice on our 'spot'. If not, just being on the grounds is helpful.... beautiful and peaceful, too, which is a bonus! For some reason, the songs get "tweaked" a little easier there than they do at home.

This was not one of those weeks. As a matter of fact, I didn't feel like I had much time at all to focus on the music. I had met with my mentor, and we had translated the songs, but I hadn't had much time to work through them. Most weeks, they're pretty much on my hands by Sunday morning. Not this week.

This week was an exception. I got to the church early, some quiet time with God to review the music on the grounds before the band arrived. Four of the five songs were OK. But one - the second one - I just couldn't get my hands around.

Before rehearsal, as the band was setting up, I was in our 'spot', going over the song again. "One Way.... Jesus..." OK... so I had the chorus. That was a start. Then I focused on the verses. "My life control surrender..." OK... got that... the next line, OK.... then the fumbling came. I looked at what we had written on the paper. Then I looked up at the air vents, where you'd think God lived by the way we focus there. It's there that we look when we're "search"-ing for Him, or "praise"-ing Him. There I look and sign "Help me". Then close my eyes to listen. I restart the ipod. OH... OK... there's another way to sign that phrase that my hands can grasp. Good. Turning back to God-in-the-air-vents, I sign "thank you!"

The next phrase that my hands stumble upon, I glance up. Yes! Ok... that works. On and on through the song we work. I cross out what I had written down previously, and write these new sign-words.

Stepping away from the music stand, I restart the song. First verse - OK, my hands can do that (can't remember the lyrics exactly, but I know if I can hear them and trust God, it will be OK). Then, the chorus comes... "One Way, Jesus. You're the only one that I could live for..." Then, I laugh... and cry. (and sign "guilty" - convicted!)

The man in the "crows nest" mixing the music notices. When I've finished the song, he gestures "You OK" and "tears".... I laugh and sign to him. "Yes. Realized trying to sign MY way..."

For what it's worth, it wasn't perfect. But I made it through it. It was also a wonderful reminder to me, and a good opportunity to let go of "MY way" and try His...

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