Thursday, September 25, 2008

Waiting... .and Wisdom

Tonight, I spent some time with my dog and with my God. I had to laugh when I realized, as I was massaging Jake's dysplastic hips, he was gnawing like crazy on what's left of a red rubber fire hydrant. As I ran my fingers through his thick coat, I considered how similar I must look, as I mentally gnaw at the events of my life. Reminiscing the the events of the day, last week... and looking into the future at what is yet to come.... I gnaw.

Recently, I've been feeling called to act. The gentle nudging has started to become more frequent, and less gentle. It's getting harder to ignore. "Be bold in your faith".

"Boldness" in my faith - what EXACTLY does that look like? How EXACTLY do I do that? I want details. I like to know the plan!

But, these are questions I won't know answers to until the time comes. I was reminded of that today. Not only do I need the right words, I need the right timing. I need Divine Appointment.

Yet, still, I gnaw over it. Will I know what to say? Will I know the right moment? I laugh again and shake my head. The dog pauses, looks at me, then returns to his obsessive chewing. It's so not about ME. It's about HIM. For me, it's about listening, and willingness, and letting Him lead.

I am grateful for the women in my life with whom I pray, and who pray for me. For those who remind me of timing. For those who inspire me and encourage me. And for my God, who is always there. Ready. Waiting. Perfect words, perfect timing. May I listen, obey and let Him lead.

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