Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Can't Take That From Me

This morning, as I was standing at the kitchen sink, I was reminded of a scene that took place earlier this year. I had been in the same spot at the sink, washing dishes. It was a warm day in early spring, and I had opened my windows after a seemingly long winter. Just as it had this morning, a breeze had come through the window, and brushed up against my face. I had paused, closed my eyes and taken a good deep breath.

A week before that spring morning, there had been a burglary in the neighborhood. Everyone was up in arms, wanting to DO something about it. Myself included. We investigated beginning a formal "neighborhood watch" program. In doing so, I had done some online research. One of the things I discovered was a list of precautions one could take to keep oneself safe. That list included keeping the windows closed.

That spring morning, as the breeze brushed my face, and I stood there with my eyes closed, enjoying a moment, I thought "Oh! you can't take this from me!"

There are things that can be taken - Take my stuff!! - but other things, Peace, Joy, Hope, Love. Those are gifts that can't be taken (though I can surrender them, if I choose to do so).

Ultimately, I can choose to live in Fear OR I can choose to live in Peace, Joy, Hope and Love. I choose the latter!

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kristin said...

So true!

And I meant to say - thank you for the email. You've had quite a journey.

I was thinking the other day about the time (or 2?) that I visited you at UMASS. Didn't we go to the Big E once? My in-laws live in Amherst now, and I love going to visit.